Starshine’s babies are 8 1/2 weeks old now. She quit nursing them back around 6 weeks, so I assumed we were finished. I made her an appointment to be spayed so we don’t have any more babies; surgery is tomorrow.

In the meantime, she has gone into heat again. I expected this. What I did not expect, however, was her need to nurse the kittens again. I reckon at this point she’ll take some lovin wherever she can find it.

Obviously this presents a problem, because the vet said her milk needed to be dried up before they could do the surgery. Thus, we have been keeping the babies closed up in Jess’ room, and not letting her in the room with them. Only now, it breaks my heart to hear her cry at the door, and their return cries.

Hence, the not so bright idea 💡 that came to my mind today. I reckon it’s a little bit of Evel Knievel in me, making me do things that in retrospect aren’t that smart which is the story of my life.

I thought if I could cover her little nips up, then she couldn’t nurse them, and it won’t cause problems…so I cut the toe off one of Kris’ socks, and pulled it over the cat’s head, then pulled her arms through. She stayed surprisingly still. I guess it’s that heat thing, she just wants to be touched so bad, that she’ll put up with just about anything.

Anything, that is, but a cotton tube around her middle. As soon as I put her down, she acted all paralyzed, and started making these noises that you hear in horror movies. I was still in fits of laughter at the sight of this poor girl, and I wanted to show her to Rich. He happened to be just stepping out of the shower when I opened the door; he wasn’t real comfortable with a squirming cat being that close to him; I reckon he was feeling a little vulnerable.

So, I turned her loose, and she started dragging herself through the house, hollering at me the entire time. I was laughing my rear off feeling pretty bad by this time. I decided that it wasn’t going to work, so I caught her and with some gentle persuasion, was able to convince her to let me remove her torture device.

Interestingly enough, she rubbed against my leg as soon as I put her down. I picked her up and she snuggled in my lap. She is not a sweet cat by nature, so I’m thinking this whole hormone thing is making some major changes in her. I almost hate to get her fixed, afraid she’ll go back to her evil ways. But, I guess it’s worth it, to not have to worry about more babies. That is, until the 3 girls get a little older. Ughh…