Is it over? Are we done with the saturation? Call me unpatriotic, but it disturbs me to see the devastation of September 11, all over again, all day long. I whole-heartedly believe that we need to memorialize all those innocent souls who perished through these evil acts, but I also feel that by flashing the images over and over, we are glorifying it to some degree.

While I feel that tony needs to know that evil exists, I would like to protect him from the depth of this evil. This is difficult with all the images in the media these days surrounding the anniversary.

Our minister even used the cover of Time magazine in his children’s story on Sunday. He told the kids – all of them too young to remember the attacks – all about the attacks, about the airplanes, about the towers, about the deaths. I was very uncomfortable with this, and I believe others were, as well, as I heard quite a bit of rustling and murmuring.

I realize that some of y’all will dispute my views, and all comments are welcome, but let me say this: I do not feel like the regard for human life, and my opposition to the war makes me unpatriotic. I love my country, but I don’t feel like war is the solution, especially not at the expense of so many innocent lives sent to die in the Middle East.