So, Tony tells me on the drive home last night, “When I am the president, (Lord I hope I don’t live to see that day!) I am going to hire scientists to make a medicine that kids can take, and they’ll be smart, and never have to go to school again!”

The imagination is great, but it makes me wonder about the future, if in the third grade, he doesn’t like school, and, in all honesty, he has never cared for the confinement.  He would much rather spend the day at home with me.  He would really like for me to homeschool him, and I have actually entertained the idea; alas, one or both of us would end up bald, I fear.  I have a problem with patience, or lack thereof, and this would make me a horrible homeschooler.  I wish I could do it, though; I have a friend who schools her 7 children, and I really admire her.  I know more and more people are doing it, and I think it’s great for the kids as well as the bond between parents and children; after all, we are their first teachers, no?

Anyway, I kind of worry about this child of mine.  He is a great reader, yet he despises doing so.  I hope that he grows into the student he should be.