Well, we just got home from Alltell. I have a new phone. My last one was crap, and since we had our land line taken out, I need a good phone, with good reception.

Those of you who know me, know that I’m not always practical. I think more with my emotions than my brain. That’s one reason why I need Rich. He is the practical, down to earth one in this partnership. He keeps me a little closer to the ground.

Anyway, Rich has this phone motorolav262_large.jpgwhich is a motorola. I had a motorola of my own once, and I didn’t care for it. It’s not as user friendly as my audiovoxes have been. Of course, he has only had this one phone, while I’m now working on my 4th phone, so…he really urged me to get this one. I, on the other hand, really liked this onelgax490.jpg    it’s an LG. I have heard some not great things about LG, so I was a little wary of getting it. The Alltell lady told me that the motorola is the best as far as reception goes – we live out in the boonies, so I need good reception – and the LG is second best.

It’s no surprise which one Rich wanted me to get. I went with practical, because I knwe that if I got the cool one, I would never be able to complain about it to him. I did, however, get a red faceplate – because, after all, red is my color – so we could tell our phones apart. This one doesn’t have all the fun stuff that my old one did, especially all the cool ringers that I downloaded.

I am trying to convince myself that this is the practical answer, and I know that, but, still…I wish it were more fun. Oh, well, I only use it to call people, right?