Well, we’re three days into the new school year. Tony doesn’t like it. He wishes that it weren’t illegal for him to lay out of school. The only silver lining so far is that he and his best friend are in the same class and the teacher has yet to realize the consequences this will bring. Right now they sit together, but I doubt that will last more than another week or so. Last year, Tony sat beside the teacher’s desk, and Alex sat next to her assistant’s desk. At lunch they had to sit at separate tables.

Maybe this teacher won’t be as sensitive to the personalities that these two carry. Only time will tell, I reckon.

Kris doesn’t really care for his school, he wants to go back to the county high school. He will next year, but for now I told him to just make the best of it, keep out of trouble, and the year will go by smoothly.

Jess starts next Monday. She has put off getting her books until the last minute – hmm, wonder where she gets that trait- so there are no used ones to be found. One of her art class books was $120! And I thought mine were expensive 20 years ago…

While I miss my young’uns, it is kinda nice to have some time to myself during the day, time to run mama around, catch up on housework – as if!- just time to chill. Soon enough, I will be volunteering at school and around. Till then, I’m trying to catch up on my reading. I just finished the latest Stephanie Plum book. I wish the 7th Harry Potter book would come out, although that will be a sad occasion, since it will be the end of Harry.