I am afraid of spiders.  I know all that yada about them being afraid of me because I’m a cow bigger than them, but I am terrified of them.  The hot water in our bathroom faucet has been leaking for a couple of weeks.  I bought a new one, but until it was replaced, we would just reach under the sink and turn the water on when we needed it.  One day last week, I happened to actually look under there when I reached for the knob.  There, in the corner was a tarantula wood spider!  I like to fell out, I took off out of there and brought back the vacuum.  I sucked that sucker up in a flash.  Now I worry that he might crawl out of the vacuum hose the next time I get it out.  I started washing my hands in the kitchen after that.  Thankfully the new faucet is in, so I no longer have to worry.