Today Tony & I are going to go stay with my very good friends Tammie and Linda.  They have a Nascar souvenir business, and are rarely home, usually gone for weeks at a time, and when they get home, it’s only for a day or two during the week.  This week’s race is farther than they want to travel, so they’re coming home for about 4 days. 

Usually when we stay with them, we just hang around the house, vegin’.  This time, though, we’re takin Tammie’s grandson and headin down to Myrtle on business.  Tony & I will cop some rays and snooze on the beach while they do whatever it is they do.  So, this is our last little trip before school starts on Monday.

I hate the idea of school starting.  Summer was way too short.  Even if they had a longer summer, I would still get depressed over the end of it.  It’s so great having the kids here at home, just hangin out with them.  I don’t want it to end.  Unfortunately, it’s not up to me, and if I don’t send my young’uns to school, the po-lice will come get me, so…

Jessica is going to the beach, AGAIN!!  She just came home from Wilmington on Tuesday, where she & Dixon spent 4 days with his cousin.  Now Dixon’s parents are taking the fam to Myrtle for a long weekend.  She is so dark already, I can’t imagine what she’ll look like when she returns.  But, I guess this is her last little trip, too, since she & Dixon start school next Monday.

I think this weekend will be difficult, trying to get back into the routine that we’ve set aside for 2 months.  Oh, well, it’ll work itself out, I reckon.