You remember when I said that I love to shop?  Well, I should be more specific.  I love shopping when Tony is with someone else.  He is so full of Mexican Jumping beans energy, that one hour with him in a store is equivalent to half a day of Chinese water torture.  Maybe I exaggerate.  I reckon it would be more accurate to say that shopping with my youngest delight produces the same serenity as canoeing over Niagra Falls.   Again, you may feel that I am embroidering a tale, but I kid you not, that kid can suck the energy out of a tornado!  He’s here, he’s there; he’s not really misbehaved, he just has termites in his nether region, which prevents him from being still or quiet for any length of time.  (One time, on the way home from Charlotte, I offered him a quarter for every minute he would be quiet.  I underestimated him, by the time he was into me for $5, I knew I was in trouble.  He ended up with about $8 that day, only because I told him he could start talking!  I decided that if I ever needed to bribe his placidity again, I’d start at a dime.  It’s still big enough to be enticing, and small enough that I can afford more quiet time.)

Anyway, he wore me slap out.  And I call myself a shopper?!

This day was unusually screwy anyway.  Tony wanted these Skechers.  We had seen the commercials, and he really longed for these shoes.  I was a little surprised that light-up shoes are still cool at his age, but hey, who am I to turn down my kid’s fairly reasonable school shoe request?  We went to Rack Room Shoes in the Friendly Center in Greensboro.  Problem: Skechers Lights are unavailable above a size 3 in this store.  The very helpful salesgirl doesn’t know if that’s the largest made, or if they’re out.  So, smart try-to-please mama decides we’ll try Shoe Carnival.  Thankfully, it’s not far, but traffic in Greensboro on a normal Sunday is heinous, but tax-free weekend traffic is downright hellish.  Unfortunately, we run into the same situation at this fine establishment.  Meanwhile, Tony has decided he’ll settle for a different style of Skechers, out of fear, I think, that he won’t get any.  I called Rich, had him get online, and get me the numbers of the branches of these stores in Danville.  Neither one had the shoes.  We traipsed back to Friendly, found a suitable pair, Kris picked up the Vans that he had hoped to find, and we left.  We went to Old Navy, but I didn’t think they had any deals good enough for me to part with my money, so we headed to Walmart. 

The boys put their new shoes on, and I noticed that Tony’s were way big.  I realized that I was ready to scream and holler and jump up and down, and make a donkey of myself right there in front of God and everybody we had to take them back.   Happy I was not.  Grumpy I was getting.

We went into the world’s busiest (atleast in my world, I have been there at 2 AM during the week before, and they are wall-to-wall people) Walmart, in Greensboro.  We were able to grab some Wrangler’s and Levi’s along with all the essentials, T’s, and regular old school supplies.  I was just happy to get out of there. 

So, back to Rack Room we went.  The right size shoe was secured, and we were out of there in about 10 minutes.  By this time, I was so ready to head home, that Cold Stone couldn’t even entice me to stick around.  How sad is that?

Rich says the next time, I should just trace the boys’ feet, measure their waists, and go shopping alone.   At one time, I would have said that would take the fun out of it, but right this minute, I’m not entirely sure… 

P.S. When I finally dragged my tired hindquarters in the door, I checked the Skechers site.   Size 3 is as big as they come.  Would have been nice to know that before we left.  I reckon if I’d been smart, I’d have checked first.