Tony @ bibleschool, originally uploaded by hockamama.

Thank goodness, bible school is over. I’m sorry if this changes your perception of me, but, although I love kids, especially the kids at my church, a whole day with them seems to drain me of all my energy.

Ms. Judy, the Queen of all things -school related (Sunday-, bible-) took some time off to spend with her new grandbaby. So, I was recruited to step in. We had several planning meetings, laid out plans, cut out foamy things, and such. However, somehow we ran long on time, and short on activities.

We decided to just do a one day event this year, rather than the 3 evenings we have been doing. We had hoped that in doing so, we would bring in some new children; maybe mama and daddy would like to have a whole Saturday to themselves. Unfortunately, we still only had 6. Tony, the preacher’s daughter, and the 4 little girls who live around the corner from the church.

Our theme was “Hip for Jesus”, and we learned about the original hippies. I found this great picture on Google’s images page, and we just went from there. leojpeace1.gifWe tie-dyed shirts, made foam VW Bug picture frames, and made stepping stones. We had planned to spend quite a bit of time outside, but it was so flippin’ hot today, high 90’s. Nobody wanted to be out there for very long, so the kids played in the nursery between crafts.

It was fun, but I was very glad to come home to my computer and my couch.