There are times when I wish I could pull off the perfect bank heist I had more money.  Well, I suppose, to be more accurate, there aren’t any times that I wish I had less money.  I would like to win the lottery, (who wouldn’t?) but that would require me to actually buy a ticket.

The thing is, it’s not that I want a bunch of stuff…I really try not to be materialistic…but I would like to be able to breathe freely, not having to worry that if I’m not careful, the lights will get cut off, or the Internet.  To not have to hold off paying one bill, so I can pay another one.  I know that alot of people don’t have these concerns, but I also know that there are people who have more to worry about than I.

Is it just me, or is it expensive to live?  It seems to me that prices are just climbing, but wages aren’t.  And every day it gets more and more expensive just to drive to work!

I would love to have an in-ground swimming pool.  My young’uns would love it, other kids would be here all the time.  I would like to buy Rich a new Honda Civic.   I would like to have a new Nissan Murano.   I would like to build my brother and sister-in-law a house here on our property.   I would like to put all 3 of my kids through college.  I would like to donate money to my church, so that we could make some much needed updates.  I would LOVE to take the entire fam on this awesome trip

Last Sunday after church, we went to CiCi’s Pizza for lunch.  Then we went to the cinema next door to see a matinee of Pirates of the Caribbean 2.  For lunch, tickets, popcorn and drinks, it cost us about $75.  For 5 of us.  For a MATINEE!!  I’m glad we didn’t go in the evening.  It reminded me why we don’t do these things as much as we would like.  We did go to the drive-in a few weeks ago, to see Cars, and that was fun, unfortunately, our local drive-in usually shows a non-8-year-old friendly movie after the family movie (sometimes there is no family movie, depending on new releases); and Tony doesn’t fall asleep when I want him to, so we don’t go there very often.  On the upside, it’s only $5 per adult, kids free, and we can bring our own junk food.  That’s a nice little treat.  Real nice, Clark.  (Sorry, Cousin Eddie always comes to mind when I think of the phrase, “real nice”).

So, in conclusion, I am a materialistic wench who dreams of bigger things (although I realize that they’re not necessarily better).  Sorry.  I hope I haven’t forced you to readjust your opinion of me.  But, please, take me off my pedestal, I don’t deserve all the accolades you may wish to give me.  I will, however, accept small trinkets and baubles.  Pearls are my birthstones, by the way.