I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I wonder about the most insignificant things.  Like why aren’t exit and entrance ramps always on the right, and why can’t I get sweet tea north of the West Virginia border?  How come not all shower liner curtains have magnets?  Why do diet drinks taste sweeter than regular?  Why do you see old photos at yard sales?  Why do some people say SALMON,  and some say SAMMON? 

And then, I start to wonder what happened to prompt seemingly common-sense warnings; like don’t use your toaster around your bathtub,  don’t put superglue in your eye, don’t lick your cat’s flea collar.

These are the kinds of things that went through my mind when I saw this sign:100_7799.JPGSorry, I don’t reckon you can read that, can you?  Rich wouldn’t stop for all of my random photos, he said we’d never get home that way.  Anyway, it says, “Do not pass when solid line is on your side”  Do they not still teach that in Driver’s Ed?

I just thought this was amusing000_0202.JPGI have never seen this before.  Maybe I just don’t get out enough.                                                                                                           I think I want to retire in this town100_77891.JPG         and maybe I’ll get one of these100_7773.JPGRich’s friend Steve certainly looks cute on his.  He likes the fuel efficiency of this handy little faux bicycle.  Especially when going around town to and from his shop.  I wonder if I got one if it would help lift me higher on the cool mom meter?100_7774.JPG