Okay, so the visit from the Ohio contingent is now a thing of the past.  They came, they stayed 4 1/2 days, and now they are gone.  I miss me some twin girls.  My brother’s girls are 6 already, and fixin to go to first grade this fall.  They still don’t look alike, and they’re still so cute.  I enjoy seeing them every year, and marvel at how much they grow.

When my brother and his family are here, the rest of the family (at home I call them the hill people, because they live just down the hill from us) come up for supper most nights, so there are about 15 people to cook for every night.  I like to cook, but it’s not my favorite thing, so after a couple of nights of this, I am tired.  But, then it’s only once a year, so I convince myself that I can handle it.

They left on Thursday, and I spent the day and evening doing laundry and packing for our trip on Friday.  We left around 8 am, and arrived at Rich’s cousin’s house in beautiful 🙄 downtown Bradford, Ohio around 5:30 that evening.

I really don’t like that drive.  It’s definitely beautiful for long stretches, but it’s just too long to be in a car.  With 2 fussing adolescents.

It’s amazing too see the scenery change from foothills to mountains to f l a t.  From tobacco to soybeans and corn.  I was born and raised here in Ohio, but I just never realized how flat and bland it was here until we moved to North Carolina.    I am so glad we moved, and would not want to move back here, but it’s nice to visit.

Today, we went to the 2nd annual reunion for Rich’s mother’s side of the family.  We were there for 6 1/2 hours.  Six hours and thirty minutes.  Three hundred and ninety minutes.   Twenty three thousand, four hundred seconds.  We thought we might get the award for having traveled the farthest, but cousins from Florida came.  I met alot of people for the first time (the FL branch) and saw everyone but my mother-in-law.  For some reason, she doesn’t like her family, so she never attends family functions.

As with any reunion, there was more food than we could possibly eat, although I’m ashamed to say that I tried really hard to eat it all.  I worry that vacation will make me feel free to eat anything that I want, and I’ll go home twenty pounds heavier than I arrived.  But there are foods that I miss from our old neighborhoods that I can’t get down home.  Maid Rite sandwiches from Greenville, K’s burgers from Troy, Texas tenderloins, and Spaghetti Warehouse in Dayton.  

I have discovered that having house guests makes a person a better guest in someone else’s house.  After we arrived here last night, I went to Walmart, and came back with toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, and lots of soda.  I now know that guests use quite alot of these items, so I reckon it would be a good idea to provide extra right up front.  I try to wash up any dishes in the sink, too, so Rich’s cousin won’t have to.  I hate the idea of being an imposition, but she assures us that we are a very welcome to stay with them.  Hopefully when we leave later this week, she’ll still feel that way.