At 3:15 this morning, the phone rang.  This is never good.   Last night, she was in Wilmington with a good friend.  They were leaving for Greensboro around midnight.  She wanted to come on home from the friend's house to go yardsale-ing with her aunt & I; we were planning to leave at 6:30.  I told her that it was her decision, but that I would prefer she stay in Greensboro overnight.  Obviously, my preference and her decision differed greatly.

She left her friend's house at 3, and called me at 3:15.  100_7573.JPGIn that 15 minutes, she nodded off, ran a stop-sign, and jumped a ditch.  She woke up when she hit the ground, mashed the brakes, and slid about 300 feet through a wet yard, before a tree stopped her. 100b7550.JPG 

There is nothing more unsettling than receiving a call in the middle of the night, with your child crying on the other end.  But thanks be to God that it was my child on the other end of that call, and not the highway patrol.  Thanks be to God that she walked away from that accident with bruises, and that she didn't have someone with her.

Thanks be to God that my baby's okay.