chaz.jpgOn this beautiful sunny day, we will grill porkchops, eat ice cream, and present the dads in our family with tokens of our love.  There is my father, to whom many thanks are due, for being the first important man in my life, and for putting up with mama and my brother and I.  Then there is my brother, who is about to be a daddy for the second time (yippee!  I can't wait to be an auntie again!), and then…then there is the love of my life, the man that God sent to love me, cherish me, and keep me in line.  For these reasons and many more, I love him deeply and whole-heartedly.

Unfortunately, this will be the second father's day without my beloved father-in-law.  I fell in love with Ed the first time I met him.  He lived with the zest and zeal of a man 20 years his junior.  He worked hard, remodeling our house for the last 6 years of his life (with his passing, it came to a standstill), resting only on Sunday.   This man knew everything.  No matter what my question was regarding, he had an answer.  He was an artist, a carpenter, a writer with 3 books under his belt, a chef.  Many hats had he.   He is so missed.