The first call came at 10:54 last night.  "Listen, mama!  Can you tell who it is?"  Tom Petty was playing quite loudly in the background.  Unfortunately, much of the quality is lost when listening through a cell phone.  I wasn't even sure what song it was.  The next call came about 5 minutes later.  "Mama!!  He's playing our song, and I wanted you to hear it live!  You can hang up if you don't want to listen to the whole thing."  He was indeed playing our song, Freefalling.  My beloved late father-in-law absolutely loved this song, as they played it frequently on the american radio station in Germany; so by association, it has become our song, too.

I could hear her two friends in the background singing along; occasionally one of them would holler "Love you, Holly!" to me through the phone.  She wasn't surprised to find me still on the phone at the end of the song.  She asked me if I thought it made her a nerd that she called her parents when she was having a good time.  I told her I thought it was cool, and that her friends probably wished they had the same kind of relationship with their parents, and I think it's cool that her friends call me just to say hey. 

Not long after the second call, I received this text message: "There is a rumor that Tom has Stevie backstage".  And then, not even 5 minutes later, she called again, "Mama, she's here!  I got to listen to Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty for just a moment, until she said she was going to call her daddy, because he really likes Stevie.  That was the last I heard from her last night.  I'm sure she will call sometime soon.  I would like to call her now, but fear she's still sleeping, although, with so many people in tents around them (she said it looked like a tent city-makes me think of the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire), I can't imagine they get to sleep very late.

She'll be home Monday.  I miss her so much.