Last night I dozed in the hubby’s chair, catching bits and pieces of a few different late night programs, waiting for J to come home. With graduation just around the corner, and 18 already 6 months behind her, the freedoms have increased. So, sometime before 1:15 I saw a car commercial that said something about choosing the right car for the road of life. I can’t remember what auto company it was, just the gist of the ad.

This got me to thinking…what car are we driving right now? Figuratively speaking, of course.

In high school I was definitely a Mustang. I went out with Chargers, Chevelles, Challengers, Novas, your basic muscle cars. I seriously dated an Alfa Romeo; unfortunately, he lived up to the name. My first husband was an AMC Pacer, masquerading as a DeLorean.

Finally, God decided that I had received the message. The engine is much more important than the body style. While the make is a significant factor in choosing your ride for life, what’s under the hood is crucial.

Once I learned this lesson, God sent me a Ford Ranger (who has spent years trying to convince me that he’s really a Cadillac STS). This was the car meant for me, a gift from God. I have had this vehicle for many years now, and I intend to keep it countless more; atleast until I wear it out…

Over the years, I have evolved into different models; from the Mustang, to a VW Bug, a minivan, and now a red Jeep Cherokee. Once in awhile, though, I am a Ford Escort station wagon, with a performance street engine, dual quad intake and Holley carbs-all hidden safely away where nobody sees the real me, but I know it’s there…

For now, I’m just trying to stay on my own side of the road. Vroom, vroom