I can remember the good ol' days, when sleeping in on Saturday was a given.  In fact, I recall my mama telling me, "there is no reason you should be sleeping until noon; half the day is already gone!"

This morning my youth group is holding a car wash.  We are a very small group; 6 kids, 2 of whom will age out next weekend when they graduate.  We come from a small church, with an average attendance of about 30.

It is such a sweet little church, where you can walk in and feel right at home, everyone hugs hello.  That's what I like about it being small.  What I don't like about the smallness, is that it's hard to do youth activities with such a small group.  There have been times when only one kid showed up; this presents certain obstacles.  So, I am hopeful that we'll have a good turnout for our carwash today.  We have pretty good community support, so I feel like it will be a successful money maker for us, as long as we have enough kids to get the job done.

We need to refill our bank account, so that we'll have some funds come fall, when we start adopting families, and shopping for shoebox items.  Last year I took them (well, 2 of them) to the Operation Christmas Child distribution center in Charlotte.  That was awesome.  This year I want to bring people from the congregation, not just the youth group.  I think everyone should see the magnitude of that operation.  God bless Samaritan's Purse.

Next Saturday is graduation, at 9 a.m., so there's no way I'll be able to sleep in.  I'll be a bundle of nerves.  The daughter would like a picnic afterward, with the whole family.  "Not a park shelter picnic, mom, I want a 'real picnic', with a blanket on the ground, throwing frisbees, you know…"  So, there's some prep to be done.

I'm so tired, and the day hasn't even begun.