I love my mama.  She has been my best friend for years.  I have learned many lessons just from watching her.  She has such a heart for God.  She is currently leading a bible study for the older women in our church, with my sister-in-law as her assistant.  Sometimes I go in my sil's place, and it's cool just to watch her perform.  The way they look to her for answers and opinions.

Mama has lived many lives in her 60 years.  She has worn more hats than most people I know, and lived through experiences that should have taken her from us.  She has always had an adventurous spirit, and she is fiercely protective of her cubs.

She and my father divorced when I was 6, and remarried when I was 12.  During the in-between years, we lived a very lean existence.  We ate alot of mac & cheese, lived in a 1 bedroom alley apartment with a very active roach population, and wore hand-me-downs.  But that woman worked two jobs to make sure that we had mac & cheese and a roof over our heads, even if we had disgusting roommates.

Thanks be to God for reuniting my parents.  There's no telling where my brother and I would be today.  Or mama, for that matter; she was working herself to death, literally.  She now lives with COPD, which doctors have attributed to her working with chemicals for so long.  How is that for sacrifice?

She raised her kids with love, compassion, and an open mind, and now for the last 18 years, has helped us raise ours.  Her grandchildren think she's an angel, and, well, I kinda think so, too.

They know that nana always has something sweet in her cupboard, a dollar (or 20) if they need it, an encouraging word when the world is dragging them down, but most of all, a soft, warm hug; always.

I give her sappy cards and tell her she's my best friend, and I'm so blessed to have her, but it just doesn't seem enough.  I wish I could find a way to let her know that she's my hero, the person I want to be when I grow up.