I have discovered Dove cookies! Now, having lost 40 pounds last year, I really have NO business even looking in the cookie aisle, but I did.  And now Satan is calling to my thighs to rub some chocolate onto themselves.

These divine cookies are new; it says so right on the box.  There are 15 cookies in each box.  I picked up 2 different flavors, since I decided to play dumb and buy into the whole 2/$5 scam, rather than just pay $2.50 for 1 — 1 that I don't need!

I bought Mint Chocolate Serenade and Milk Chocolate Moment.  The side panel says the serving size is 3 cookies, and there are 19 carbs and 160 calories per serving.  When I opened them, I made the most amazing discovery.  Not only are they petite; 2" X 2", they are packed in 3 small trays.  That's right, there are FIVE cookies in each tray.  So, now the evil voice in my head (one of them) says, "You might as well go ahead and eat all 5, what's the point in putting a half-empty tray back into the pantry?"  This was a valid argument, but my will power argued back, "The box clearly states that a serving size is 3 not 5."

So, in an extremely difficult show of support for my will power, I put the other 2 cookies back in their tray and hid them away in the pantry (sometimes I think maybe it's not a good thing that I hide food from my family…) and breathed a sigh of relief when I returned to my chair with the correct number of cookies.  Now, I could eat those cookies without feeling like a traitor to my body.

I went back 10 minutes later for the other 2 cookies.  I felt bad for leaving them all alone.  And they were just as full of creamy, yummy deliciousness (and carbs and calories and fat!) as the first 3.

My thighs hate me. 

Thankfully God loves me, even with my many flaws.