My daughter graduates from high school next weekend.  I cannot figure out where the time has gone.  I remember when I was carrying her, someone told me to enjoy her childhood, that it would too soon be gone.  I thought that was a joke, but MAN!  Where did it go?

My beautiful baby girl is no longer a baby.  She will enter the world without me soon.  How am I to let her go?  She will have experiences that I will know nothing about.  On one hand, I would love for her to be little again, just to absorb her sweetness and breathe her energy.  On the other hand, she is such a beautiful soul that I don’t want to miss one minute of this.

I guess I won’t have much time to waller in my self pity and loneliness, with two boys left in the house.  I know they’ll do their best to keep me upbeat, but I think I will still find time to reflect and reminisce.

And then, it’s off to all the summer activities we can pack into a few short weeks before they head back to school.