Aforementioned daughter gave me the book "Confessions of a Slacker Mom" by Muffy mead-ferro.  Good book.  Muffy decides that she isn't going to jump through all the hoops that her yuppy peers do, in their race to be good parents.  She realizes that she grew up just fine, in spite of the lack of a bedroom stocked to the rafters with toys, outrageous birthday parties, and a brand new car.  Thus, her children will not be keeping up with the Jr. Jones's.

I, guess by that definition, I, too, am a slacker mom.  Although, my lack of money contributes to this situation as much as just plain laziness.  If I had the money, my kids would undoubtedly have better childhoods than I did.  But, what is better, anyway?  And what's wrong with the way I grew up?  I'm fairly normal (what is normal?) self-sufficient, caring, blah, blah, blah.

Isn't that what I want for my children?  So, maybe I wouldn't really change things.  Well, I would put it in a pool, but I would hire a poolboy to take care of it, because I wouldn't feel like it, and God knows it would be growing all manner of organisms before the hubby got around to it.